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CD 1 Beginner Essentials
CD 2 Advanced Basics
CD 3 Birds with a Funny Bone
CD 4 Birds with an Attitude
CD 5 for Playful Birds
CD 6 Friendly Bird phrases
CD 7 for Birds with Opinions
CD 8 Guru Bird
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CD 7 for Birds with Opinions scroll down for track list

 Teach a parrot to talk with a parrot training cd.

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Track list:

Track 1: Bird....James Bird
Track 2: Are you asleep?
Track 3: Give 'em an inch, and they take a mile
Track 4: Halt! Who goes there?
Track 5: Get back to work
Track 6: Ahem, I've got a frog in my throat
Track 7: All righty then
Track 8: Happy New Year!
Track 9: He's a chip off the old block
Track 10: This is a Stick UP!
Track 11: Now that, is a half baked idea
Track 12: Big brother is watching
Track 13: I could eat a horse
Track 14: Bite your tongue
Track 15: I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached
Track 16: I'm going bananas!
Track 17: It's okay
Track 18: Let's play poker
Track 19: Take two of these and call me in the morning
Track 20: Who's the man
Track 21: You're so easy
Track 22: Don't do drugs
Track 23: Go west, young man
Track 24: Rock the Casbah
Track 25: That's a great outfit
Track 26: I'm old enough to be your father
Track 27: I'm old enough to be your mother
Track 28: I'm old enough to be your grandpa
Track 29: I'm old enough to be your grandma
Track 30: A storm is coming
Track 31: Let's play some music
Track 32: You need to lighten up
Track 33: Sell that dog
Track 34: It's the fuzz
Track 35: I know an annoying song, I know an annoying song
Track 36: Bingo!
Track 37: Blue is my favorite color
Track 38: Green is my favorite color
Track 39: Pink is my favorite color
Track 40: Purple is my favorite color
Track 41: Yellow is my favorite color
Track 42: Red is my favorite color
Track 43: Buy! Buy!, Sell! Sell!
Track 44: Call my agent
Track 45: Call the cops!
Track 46: Do I have big feet
Track 47: Do you wanna take this outside
Track 48: Dodge Rules!
Track 49: I've got a Hemi
Track 50: Ford Rocks!
Track 51: Chevy Rules!
Track 52: Let's Ride!
Track 53: Let's Truck!
Track 54: Everyone loves me!
Track 55: Happy Birthday
Track 56: I'm a Wild! and Crazy! bird
Track 57: Happy Holidays!
Track 58: Hey, where's the party?
Track 59: I hate that stuff
Track 60: I miss eight tracks
Track 61: I miss the 50's
Track 62: I miss the 60's
Track 63: I miss the 70's
Track 64: I miss the 80's
Track 65: I miss the 90's
Track 66: I miss vinyl records
Track 67: I'm a city bird
Track 68: I'm a lover, not a fighter
Track 69: I'm a pretty ballerina
Track 70: Merry Christmas
Track 71: Pick me
Track 72: Play it again, Sam
Track 73: Buy me
Track 74: Take me back to the store
Track 75: Take me back to the zoo
Track 76: Touchdown!
Track 77: Trick or Treat
Track 78: Truth or Dare
Track 79: I'm afraid of democrats
Track 80: I'm afraid of republicans
Track 81: American as apple pie
Track 82: I'm a democrat
Track 83: I'm a republican
Track 84: I'm an American
Track 85: Vote democrat
Track 86: Vote republican
Track 87: I'm running for office
Track 88: I should be president
Track 89: Vote for me
Track 90: You should be president
Track 91: 1 Minute Spacing track
Track 92: 10 Minute Spacing Track


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