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CD 1 Beginner Essentials
CD 2 Advanced Basics
CD 3 Birds with a Funny Bone
CD 4 Birds with an Attitude
CD 5 for Playful Birds
CD 6 Friendly Bird phrases
CD 7 for Birds with Opinions
CD 8 Guru Bird
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CD 1 Beginner Essentials scroll down for track list

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Track list:

Track 1: Hello
Track 2: I love you
Track 3: Pretty Bird
Track 4: Cracker
Track 5: Hi
Track 6: Mommy
Track 7: Kiss Me
Track 8: Feed me
Track 9: Wow
Track 10: Bye Bye
Track 11: Good job!
Track 12: Be happy
Track 13: Cheers!
Track 14: Good morning
Track 15: I'm a good boy
Track 16: I'm a good girl
Track 17: Please
Track 18: Talk to me
Track 19: Thank you
Track 20: Polly wanna cracker?
Track 21: You are so beautiful
Track 22: Please, scratch my neck
Track 23: Gimme a treat
Track 24: Give me a kiss
Track 25: The sky is falling
Track 26: You're so pretty
Track 27: Birds rule, cats drool
Track 28: I'm early, where's the worm?
Track 29: Wow! You've lost weight!
Track 30: Stop mimicking me
Track 31: Do you have any other pet birds?
Track 32: The cat did it
Track 33: Don't let the bed bugs bite
Track 34: Fantastic!
Track 35: Come on over here
Track 36: Boy Howdy!
Track 37: Fingers taste good
Track 38: Gee Whiz!
Track 39: C'mon baby
Track 40: Goodbye
Track 41: Goodnight
Track 42: Here kitty kitty kitty
Track 43: Hello baby
Track 44: Hey dude
Track 45: Hey, What's your sign?
Track 46: Atta boy!
Track 47: Hi there, handsome
Track 48: Hi, Doc!
Track 49: Honey I'm home
Track 50: How's it goin'?
Track 51: How's your portfolio?
Track 52: I hate my HMO.
Track 53: I love your hair
Track 54: I make the rules here
Track 55: I see you
Track 56: I want my mommy
Track 57: I'm a birdbrain
Track 58: I'm a cat in disguise
Track 59: I'm a ninja
Track 60: I'm hungry
Track 61: I'm lonely
Track 62: I'm so happy
Track 63: Let's get this show on the road
Track 64: Let's go play
Track 65: Let's scrapbook
Track 66: Meow
Track 67: Mom (whiney)
Track 68: Mooooo
Track 69: Oh, dear
Track 70: Pardon me
Track 71: Rock and roll!
Track 72: See ya later
Track 73: Sell the cat
Track 74: Smile
Track 75: Speak up
Track 76: Welcome home sweetheart
Track 77: Whacha doin'?
Track 78: What's up pal?
Track 79: Where's my iPod?
Track 80: Who's there?
Track 81: Wicked!
Track 82: You don't say
Track 83: You're a cutie
Track 84: Be there, or be square
Track 85: All the world's a stage
Track 86: Be my valentine
Track 87: You're under arrest
Track 88: Can someone get the phone?
Track 89: All is well that ends well
Track 90: I am so smart
Track 91: 1 Minute Spacing Track
Track 92: 10 Minute Spacing Track



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