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CD 1 Beginner Essentials
CD 2 Advanced Basics
CD 3 Birds with a Funny Bone
CD 4 Birds with an Attitude
CD 5 for Playful Birds
CD 6 Friendly Bird phrases
CD 7 for Birds with Opinions
CD 8 Guru Bird
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CD 3: Birds with a Funny Bone! scroll down for track list

Train a bird to talk with bird training cds. 

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Track list:

Track 1: RUN!!! It's my evil twin!
Track 2: Fire, fire, save the birds!
Track 3: Doing stupid things is a way of making my life interesting.
Track 4: Bow Down! to the almighty dollar!
Track 5: Boys will be boys
Track 6: Call my lawyer!
Track 7: Cash only please
Track 8: Coochey, koochey, kooo
Track 9: Did you make your bed?
Track 10: Don't put me in the garage sale
Track 11: Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!
Track 12: Bottoms up!
Track 13: Don't take any wooden nickels
Track 14: Eeeek! a Mouse!
Track 15: Every bird for himself!
Track 16: Everything's coming up daisies
Track 17: A friend in need is a friend indeed
Track 18: A leopard doesn't change it's spots
Track 19: A man's home is his castle
Track 20: A watched pot never boils
Track 21: Aaah, to be young and foolish
Track 22: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Track 23: Always a bridesmaid never a bride
Track 24: For Pete's sake!
Track 25: For the low, low price of $19.99
Track 26: Gag me with a spoon
Track 27: Get real
Track 28: Give 'em a taste of their own medicine!
Track 29: Good morning sunshine
Track 30: Goodbye
Track 31: Got any spare change
Track 32: Heads UP!
Track 33: Hello, I'm talking here
Track 34: Hey! Watch it!
Track 35: Hey, easy on the feathers
Track 36: Hi'ya buddy
Track 37: I need to fire my agent
Track 38: I only drink water
Track 39: I prefer diamonds
Track 40: I quit smoking, cold turkey.
Track 41: I shot the sheriff
Track 42: I'm a redneck
Track 43: I'm afraid of the dark
Track 44: I'm an eagle, I'm an Eagle!
Track 45: Question, ninja or pirate?
Track 46: Pssst, wanna buy a Rolex?
Track 47: I'm the pretty one
Track 48: I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go
Track 49: I'm at the top of the pecking order
Track 50: I'm bored to tears
Track 51: I'm immortal
Track 52: I'm my own best friend
Track 53: I'm on the good birdie list
Track 54: I'm the man
Track 55: If nothing else, I can always serve as a bad example
Track 56: It must be the moon
Track 57: It wasn't me I swear
Track 58: Knock knock, who's there
Track 59: Let's go fishin'
Track 60: Let's make cat soup
Track 61: Life goes on
Track 62: Look, Elvis!
Track 63: My allergies are killing me
Track 64: My stock options are soaring
Track 65: Nice outfit!
Track 66: Nice work, Bub
Track 67: Off with her head
Track 68: Off with his head
Track 69: Oh boy
Track 70: Open the window
Track 71: Ptttthhhttpp
Track 72: Shut the door
Track 73: Silly fake chicken sound
Track 74: Spiders are creepy
Track 75: Surely not
Track 76: There's something in your teeth
Track 77: They confiscated my passport
Track 78: This cage gives me the creeps
Track 79: Timber!
Track 80: Time for bed
Track 81: Time to sell the bird
Track 82: Tuck me in
Track 83: Wash your hands
Track 84: Wazzup
Track 85: Well ain't that the pot callin' the kettle black
Track 86: Were you born in a barn?
Track 87: What's to eat?
Track 88: Will you play with me?
Track 89: You're barking up the wrong tree
Track 90: My brain is the size of a peanut
Track 91: 1 Minute Spacing track
Track 92: 10 Minute Spacing Track


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