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CD 1 Beginner Essentials
CD 2 Advanced Basics
CD 3 Birds with a Funny Bone
CD 4 Birds with an Attitude
CD 5 for Playful Birds
CD 6 Friendly Bird phrases
CD 7 for Birds with Opinions
CD 8 Guru Bird
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CD 5  for Playful Birds scroll down for track list

Teach a parakeet to talk with a parakeet training cd.

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Track list:

Track 1: Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me
Track 2: Aargh shiver me timbers
Track 3: Walk the plank matey
Track 4: Fire the cannons!
Track 5: Aye aye captain!
Track 6: Batten down the hatches
Track 7: Shiver me timbers
Track 8: Charge!
Track 9: Hoist the mainsail
Track 10: I've got a chill in my bones
Track 11: Surrender!
Track 12: I'm going out in a blaze of glory!
Track 13: All for one and one for all!
Track 14: A blast from the past
Track 15: Resistance is futile
Track 16: All roads lead to Rome
Track 17: Batter Up
Track 18: Call the sheriff!
Track 19: Can the birdie come out and play?
Track 20: Check it out!
Track 21: Close but no cigar
Track 22: Do you even like birds?
Track 23: Do you smell that?
Track 24: Easy does it
Track 25: Go to sleep
Track 26: Good morning, how are you?
Track 27: He's like a bull in a china shop
Track 28: Hey good lookin'
Track 29: Hey you
Track 30: I caught you red-handed
Track 31: I don't like spiders
Track 32: I like roses
Track 33: I'm a pansy
Track 34: I'm allergic to cats
Track 35: I'm allergic to dogs
Track 36: I'm allergic to people
Track 37: I'm at a loss for words
Track 38: I'm coming apart at the seams
Track 39: Oh, I ate like a pig!
Track 40: I've been a good bird
Track 41: If it weren't for these bars...
Track 42: Let's take this outside
Track 43: May I have it?
Track 44: Elvis has left the building
Track 45: I know karate
Track 46: We take MasterCard and Visa
Track 47: Parrots in the house
Track 48: Put 'em up
Track 49: Road trip!
Track 50: Sit down
Track 51: Sit up straight
Track 52: Stay here
Track 53: Step into my office
Track 54: Stop touching me
Track 55: Sweet dreams
Track 56: Take me home
Track 57: Take me to Vegas!
Track 58: The check's in the mail.
Track 59: This darn cold
Track 60: Trick or treat
Track 61: Turn off the TV.
Track 62: Watch out!
Track 63: We need wireless
Track 64: We're not just whistlin' Dixie
Track 65: What about my needs
Track 66: What's all that racket?
Track 67: What's in the fridge?
Track 68: Where's the remote?
Track 69: Who put out the lights?
Track 70: You silly goose
Track 71: You're a bad putty cat
Track 72: Adios
Track 73: Adios amigos
Track 74: Aloha
Track 75: Asta luego
Track 76: Bonjour
Track 77: Buenos dias
Track 78: Buenos noches
Track 79: C'est la vie
Track 80: Ci senor
Track 81: Ciao
Track 82: Cinco de Mayo!
Track 83: Felis Navidad
Track 84: Garçon, some water please
Track 85: Gracias
Track 86: Gratzi
Track 87: Hola mamacita
Track 88: Muchos gracias
Track 89: Ooo-la-la
Track 90: Que sera sera
Track 91: 1 Minute Spacing track
Track 92: 10 Minute Spacing Track


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