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CD 1 Beginner Essentials
CD 2 Advanced Basics
CD 3 Birds with a Funny Bone
CD 4 Birds with an Attitude
CD 5 for Playful Birds
CD 6 Friendly Bird phrases
CD 7 for Birds with Opinions
CD 8 Guru Bird
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CD 6  Friendly Bird phrases scroll down for track list

Teach cockatiels to talk with a cockatiel training cd.

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Track list:

Track 1: Who loves you?
Track 2: You're the apple of my eye
Track 3: Aaaw, why the long face
Track 4: Are you okay?
Track 5: You can take that to the bank
Track 6: You're as busy as a bear in a beehive
Track 7: Any friend of yours is a friend of mine
Track 8: You look like death warmed over
Track 9: But enough about me...
Track 10: There's someone at the door
Track 11: Do I have a visitor?
Track 12: Where have you been?
Track 13: You can't beat that with a stick
Track 14: Don't make me do something I'll regret
Track 15: Don't rock the boat
Track 16: A good man is hard to find
Track 17: Better late than never
Track 18: Cat got your tongue?
Track 19: How do I love thee, let me count the ways
Track 20: What's that funny smell?
Track 21: Bring home the bacon
Track 22: It's as plain as the nose on your face
Track 23: I'm your better half
Track 24: Ask and ye shall receive
Track 25: I like sunflowers
Track 26: Say you're sorry
Track 27: I have a bone to pick with you
Track 28: Oy, vey
Track 29: Bloom where you're planted
Track 30: Cheer up, it's not the end of the world
Track 31: I think I can, I think I can, Choo Choo
Track 32: You better believe it
Track 33: A penny saved is a penny earned
Track 34: Where's my Bluetooth?
Track 35: Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Track 36: I'm afraid of spiders
Track 37: Oh, for cryin' out loud!
Track 38: I prefer chocolate
Track 39: I'm afraid of heights
Track 40: A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
Track 41: I'm afraid of snakes
Track 42: You're only human
Track 43: A closed mouth gathers no feet
Track 44: Let me see your finger
Track 45: An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth!
Track 46: Amen
Track 47: Angels have wings too
Track 48: Knock and the door shall be opened unto you
Track 49: The meek shall inherit the Earth
Track 50: I'm a good bird
Track 51: God bless America
Track 52: I'm a Christian
Track 53: I'm a Christian bird
Track 54: Do you know Jesus Christ?
Track 55: Praise the Lord
Track 56: Praise the lord 2
Track 57: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
Track 58: And away we go!
Track 59: Oooo Shiny!
Track 60: You're just a diamond in the rough
Track 61: You've got your hand caught in the cookie jar
Track 62: A faint heart never a true Love knows
Track 63: This is swell
Track 64: What's up, doc?
Track 65: Yooo Hooo
Track 66: I like your shoes
Track 67: You look fabulous
Track 68: Where's the ladies' room?
Track 69: Where's the men's room?
Track 70: Is it hot or cold in here?
Track 71: The sun is shining
Track 72: Do you have pet birds?
Track 73: Back away from the bird
Track 74: Bless you
Track 75: Call 911!
Track 76: Crackers make the world go round
Track 77: Did I wake you?
Track 78: Did you bring me a present?
Track 79: Don't you let that cat in here
Track 80: Down with urban sprawl
Track 81: Go crackers! go crackers!
Track 82: Go treats! go treats!
Track 83: I can dance
Track 84: I miss the old days
Track 85: I want my picture taken
Track 86: Nobody's home
Track 87: Save the whales
Track 88: Welcome home honey
Track 89: Who is the fairest bird of them all?
Track 90: You have a secret admirer
Track 91: 1 Minute Spacing track
Track 92: 10 Minute Spacing Track


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